Nitrile Powder Free

Nitrile Gloves from Valuemed

Nitrile gloves are a popular choice in the healthcare and industrial sectors due to their durability, flexibility, and resistance to chemicals and punctures. Valuemed offers a wide range of nitrile gloves, including the Valuemed Bahama Breeze nitrile exam gloves designed to provide superior protection for your hands.

Superior Protection

Valuemed’s Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves are made from high-quality materials that offer superior protection against a variety of hazards. Whether you’re working with chemicals, performing medical or dental procedures, our nitrile gloves provide the protection you need to stay safe.

Comfortable Fit

Our Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves are designed for a comfortable fit, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without discomfort. The flexible material conforms to the shape of your hands, providing a snug and secure fit that allows for dexterity and precision in your tasks.

Enhanced Grip

Valuemed Professional Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves feature a textured surface that provides enhanced grip, even when working with wet or oily substances. This ensures that you can maintain a firm grip on tools and equipment, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Chemical Resistance

Nitrile gloves offer excellent resistance to chemicals, making them ideal for use in laboratories, industrial settings, and healthcare facilities where exposure to hazardous substances is a concern. Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves provide a reliable barrier against a wide range of chemicals, protecting your hands from potential harm.

Puncture Resistance

Valuemed Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves are highly puncture-resistant, offering superior protection against sharp objects and abrasions. This makes them ideal for tasks that require precision and protection, such as medical procedures, laboratory work, and mechanical repairs.


Unlike latex gloves, which can cause allergic reactions in some individuals, nitrile gloves are latex-free, making them a safe and comfortable choice for people with latex allergies. Our Bahama Breeze nitrile gloves provide the same level of protection as latex gloves without the risk of allergic reactions.

Multiple Sizes Available

Valuemed offers nitrile gloves in multiple sizes to ensure a comfortable and secure fit for all users. Whether you have small hands or large hands, we have the right size glove for you.

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Protect your hands with Valuemed’s high-quality powder free nitrile gloves. Whether you need them for medical or dental use, laboratory work, or industrial applications, our nitrile gloves provide the protection and comfort you need to get the job done safely. Browse our selection of nitrile gloves today and experience the Valuemed difference.