"Riester - The familiar way" stands above all for the trust that our customers have in the high quality and safety, the well-known precision and the pioneering innovation potential in almost every country of the world. Designed for demanding everyday use in doctors' practices and hospitals, many Riester products have been and still are being created through close cooperation between our experienced research and development department and practitioners from government research centres and university hospitals. This is, however, only one element of the Riester product philosophy, because in all our activities it is the human aspect which still remains the centre of our attention. Furthermore, we even guarantee our promise of quality and safety in writing. All of our products have the CE-mark, a sign for special quality, and are supplied with the "Original Riester" certificate of authenticity - no product leaves our premises until it has passed exacting quality tests. Riester has been ISO 9001 certified since October 30, 1997 – a milestone in a company history of more than 60 years in the development and production of medical diagnostic instruments. And this history not only inspires trust but also forms our special obligation for the future.