Acero Pediatric Crowns

Founded in 2008 Acero Crowns were developed by two dentists in Dallas, TX, practicing in a busy medicaid based office purchasing an abundant supply of pediatric crowns. Dr. Park was frustrated by the continuous price increase in pediatric crowns and the lack of stainless steel crown options in the market. Inspired by years of clinical experience, he began pursuing his vision of bringing a better pediatric crown option to the market.

Today, Acero Crowns is proud to offer a full line of the highest quality, preformed stainless steel and esthetic crowns for children. Acero Crowns afford all dentists, especially those treating underserved children, the benefit of user friendly crowns at reduced price points, while improving on the quality. After phenomenal success with their XT line, Acero Crowns added the Acero 3S Posterior crown line and the Acero ES resin faced stainless steel crown line - the next generation in pediatric crowns.

Acero Conversion Chart