Set Up My Medical Clinic

hank you for considering Valuemed to partner with you on your clinic equipment needs.  We would like to make this process as easy as possible.  

Please choose from some commonly ordered items below.  When clicking on these items the product page will "popup".  You will then be able to add these items to a quote request form.  


Once your quote is complete please fill out your contact information and submit the quote.  You may have to refresh your screen in order for all items to add into the form.


One of our representatives will connect back with you to price out your requested items.


Exam Tables

Midmark 204 Exam Table Base Midmark 204 Upholstery Seamless  Midmark 204 Upholstery with Seams


Brewer 5000 Exam Table Base with Upholstery Top




Power Exam Tables

Midmark Ritter 224 Power Exam Chair       224 Seamless Upholstery 

Midmark Ritter 225 Power Exam Chair     225 Seamless Upholstery

Midmark 626 Barrier Free Power Exam Chair Base    626 Seamless Upholstery 

Silhouet-Tone Elite MD Chair 

Silhouet-Tone Elite Platinum Chair


Diagnostic Wall Sets

AMICO Wall Set w/Oto, Opth, BP, Specula Dispenser

Welch Allyn 777 Wall Set w/LED Oto, Opth, Specula Dispenser 



Flight 16+ Autoclave


Ritter M9D


Vital Signs Monitors