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Learn with Valuemed and our partners


Indoor Air Quality and the difference you can’t see.

Presented by: Pura Air partnered with Valuemed
When: Wednesday January 27th, 2021 @ 6pm MST / 8 pm EST
Where: Zoom; please register through the link below

We know that infection control is additive, and that a multi-pronged approach — wearing masks, social distancing, increasing ventilation, hand and surface disinfection — are among the suggested precautions. Three out of four of these deal with aerosols and the air we breathe, yet we continue to sidestep the discussion on taking additional indoor air precautions. How important are aerosols to indoor air quality and stopping the spread of the virus? Join Dr. Brian Fleck and Pura Air as we discuss how aerosols we create are important to the IAQ discussion, how important your hvac system is and isn’t, and what you can do to improve your IAQ to increase the safety for your staff and patients as we get back to work. The science is important. The good news is the science to aid in cleaning the air is already here, we are just starting to apply it correctly. Pura Air’s journey will show you how.

This webinar is open to all healthcare professionals. There will be a Q&A session following our speakers.

About our speakers:

Dr. Brian Fleck, PhD, PEng, ICD.D University of Alberta, Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Dept.
More than the sum of the hard-earned letters that follow his name, Dr. Fleck is an engaging and energetic speaker who specializes in all things ‘airflow’. A professor in the Faculty of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta, his research specializes in fluid dynamics, mixing and turbulence, multiphase flow and atomization, HVAC, and wind energy. Always keen to share with interested audiences, he has a great ability to apply the science to everyday life and give practical solutions anyone can apply.

Mike Meade, Chief Technology Officer, Pura Air
Over the course of his career, Mike has developed a comprehensive hands-on understanding of the importance of indoor air quality. In 1998 he founded Industrial Pollution Control, Inc., specializing in industrial air applications. Later he went on to buy Energy Technology Products Ltd., and two years ago ETP bought Airplus Systems (both British Columbian companies), and adopted the Airplus name for the umbrella corporation. In March, when the pandemic hit in Canada, Airplus was approached to solve a complex air purification problem in dentistry; in collaboration with a team of specialized mechanical engineers, infection control specialists, and medical professionals, Pura Air was born.

Feisal Nasser, CEO, Pura Air
With over 25 years of experience he is a results focused dynamic executive with repeated success guiding cross- functional high-performance teams. Twenty plus years of leadership, sales, strategic planning, business transformation, and project experience have helped to facilitate further growth in Airplus Industrial and the creation of Pura Air.

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