ValueSonic Enzyme Ultrasonic Tablets, 64/box

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ValueSonic Enzyme Ultrasonic Tablets

ValueSonic Enzyme Ultrasonic Tablets

- 3 in 1 multipurpose enzymatic tablets: Ultrasonic cleaner, instrument pre-soak, and evacuation cleaner in one.
- Breaks down a wide range of complex organics and soils. Our concentrated tablets dissolve quickly and create an effective fast-acting enzyme.
- Features an anti-corrosive agent to prolong the life of our instruments aompared to other ultrasonic solutions.

Ultrasonic Cleaners:
Use 2 tablets with 1 gallon of warm tap water, or 1 tablet for 2 L or less. Water temperature should not exceed 140°. Ultrasonic cycle should be a minimum of 10 minutes. For tough stains, add 5 more minutes of cycle time. Rinse instruments thoroughly with water to remove any excess residue, dry them, and proceed with your required sterilization process.

Pre Soak:
Soak instruments in above solution at 120° - 130°. Soak for 5-10 minutes. Water temperature should not exceed 140°. We do not recommend overnight soaking as a daily procedure.

Evacuation Cleaner:
Use 1 tablet per 1/2 gallon of warm tap water. Flush one quart of solution through each suction outlet and repeat with clear water as recommended by your equipment manufacturer.


Please refer to your instrument's manufacturer instructions for suitability guidance.

Safety Data Sheet